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英檢中心中級題庫-Unit 2


1. Mr. Peter is famous for his generosity, but we should
never _____it for granted.
A. make
B. look
C. cake
D. mean

2. After her parents died in a plane crash, Maria was
_____by her aunt.
A. watched for
B. fed up
C. carried on
D. brought up
3. Although the teacher disliked the girl’s unusual
hairstyle, the principal decided that it was _____.
A. received
B. recognized
C. available
D. acceptable
4. Using a microscope, we can examine things that are
not _____to the naked eye.
A. visible
B. useful
C. voluntary
D. separate
5. Jessie ran into her boss on _____occasions and found
he was always wearing a suit.
A. regional
B. numerous
C. extreme
D. illustrated
6. We____ our host for a lovely evening and drove
straight home.
A. thank
B. thanked
C. are thanking
D. were thanking
7. Sorry I’m late. I_____ to stop by the post office on
my way here this morning.
A. need
B. was able
C. had
D. ought
8. Wu Bai (五佰) is _____ the most popular local singers
in Taiwan today.
A. around
B. across
C. along
D. among
9. Special features of the new car model_____ a
television and a phone.
A. include
B. including
C. are include
D. to include
10. Shirley doesn’t spend all day at her computer. She
does have other_____.
A. interests
B. interesting
C. interested
D. interest
11. Between three and five o’clock, the temperature
seemed _____ colder.
A. become
B. to become
C. to becoming
D. becoming
12. By the middle of the 21th century, it is expected that
women _____ men in many professions.
A. outnumber
B. outnumbered
C. will outnumber
D. have outnumbered
13. If you are _____ by the television, I’ll turn it off.
A. disturbing
B. disturbed
C. to disturb
D. disturb
14. Every part of Philip’s body ached; his right knee, _____,
hurt badly.
A. all in all
B. without a doubt
C. as a result
D. in particular
15. Gloria lived abroad for seven years. _____ she is
finally back in Taiwan, her parents want her to saty.
A. Now that
B. At times
C. Due to
D. Whenever


Jim and Allen began their overnight hike down into the
Grand Canyon (大峽谷) at around 7 A.M. (16) carried a
pack on his back, which held camping gear, food and water.
As they walked down the path, they were amazed by the
size of the canyon. Many miles away, they could see rain
clouds moving in, (17) the morning sun was still hot on
their backs. The boys (18) the Colorado River at the
bottom of the canyon after three hours of hiking. They
set up their tent and spent the rest of the day (19)
the area. The next morning, they began their hike back up
the path just sunrise. It wasn’t until late afternoon (20)
they finally arrived at the top of the canyon. Exhausted but
happy, they immediately began to plan their next hike into
the canyon.

16. A. He B. Some C. Each D. They
17. A. for B. so C. or D. but
18. A. landed B. appeared C. came D. reached
19. A. finding B. exploring C. containing D. spreading
20. A. that B. then C. what D. where

One of Taiwan’s oldest historical sites is the Chihkan Tower
(赤崁樓) in Taiwan. It was (21) constructed in 1653 by the
Dutch, who used it as an administrative center for the island.
Cheng Cheng-kung (鄭成功) (22) it into a military
storehouse for storing weapons and military equipment
after driving out the Europeans in 1661. (23) the tower
was destroyed in a rebellion, and the ruins were further
flattened by an earthquake. Since then, several structures
(24) on the site, most recently a museum, which today
attracts many visitors. Historical __(25)__ inside the
building are an important source of information for
researchers, while a garden outside provides a comfortable
resting place for tired sightseers.

21. A. significantly
B. extensively
C. originally
D. firstly
22. A. took
B. moved
C. put
D. turned
23. A. After
B. Later
C. Though
D. Therefore
24. A. built
B. have built
C. have been built
D. are building
25. A. remains
B. functions
C. perspectives
D. reasons

Questions 26-28

Summer Sale at First Department Store
From July 20th to 28th, enjoy discounts of up to 70% in
selected departments. Don’t miss this great opportunity to
save lots of money! Remember – at First Department
Store, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you are
not completely happy with your purchase, just return it to
the store, and you will get your money back.
Business hours will be extended during the sale:
Monday – Saturday: 9:30 A.M.-10:30 P.M.
Sunday: 9:30 A.M. - 9:30 P.M.
Children’s Department
40% off on Girls’ Summer Dresses
50% off on Boy’s and Girl’s Shoes
Men’s Department
30% off on Suits
60% off on all T-shirts and Shorts
Women’s Department
70% off on all Swimsuits
40% off on Purses
25% off on all Televisions
35% off on Computers and Home Appliances

26. What will First Department Store do during the sale?
A. Reduce prices in all departments
B. Offer the largest discounts in Electronics
C. Exchange items for unhappy customers
D. Stay open longer than usual
27. Who will get the largest discount according to this
A. A woman who wants to buy herself a swimsuit
B. Parents who are shopping for children’s toys
C. A college student who needs a computer
D. A man who is looking for a watch
28. What is half price during the sale?
A. Purses
B. Children’s shoes
C. T-shirts and shorts
D. Computers and home appliances

Questions 29-30
Important Notice
The National Park Commission announces the reopening
of three mountain trails which were temporarily closed
after the recent floods. Lorna Trail, Finger Rock Trail, and
Swallow Way are all open to the public from 5 A.M. until
9 P.M. during the summer/
Here are some reminders for trail users. Lorna Trial is
open to hikers only; neither dogs nor horses are permitted
on this trail. Dog owners may use Finger Rock Trail, but the
dogs must be on leashes. Swallow Way is open to hikers
and horseback riders, but not dogs. Bicycles and motorized
vehicles are still not allowed on any of these trails.
-- Benson National Park
29. What is the purpose of this notice?
A. To tell people that the trails can be used now
B. To inform people of some new park facilities
C. To warn hikers of recent damage to the trails
D. To advise hikers that trails will be closed for a while

30. Which trail or trails may be used by dogs?
A. Lorna Trail and Swallow Way
B. Only Finger Rock Trail
C. Lorna and Finger Rock Trails
D. Only Swallow Way

Questions 31-33
A 15-ton whale was found dead off the coast of the main
Hawaiian island of Oahu yesterday.
The whale had been rescued from shallow waters ten days
earlier, taken out to sea and released. However, it did not
survive. Animal experts say that the whale apparently died
from a severe case of sunburn that it suffered when it got
stuck in shallow waters. The dead whale was first noticed
floating in 1.5 meters of water by fishermen yesterday

31. What would be a good title for this article?
A. Water Pollution Takes Whale’s Life
B. Whale Saved from Shallow Water
C. Sunburn Kills Freed Whale
D. Fishermen Blamed for Whale’s Death
32. What did the rescue mission apparently do?
A. Prevent fishermen from catching the whale
B. Release the whale from the ocean park
C. Bring back the whale that had escaped
D. Return the whale to deep water
33. What does the word “it” in line 6 refer to?
A. The expert
B. The sea
C. The whale
D. Sunburn

Questions 34-37
While many students consider cell phones a great
convenience in their social lives, it has been decided that
they are a great inconvenience for school life at St. John
Senior High. Classes and auditorium meetings have been
regularly interrupted by them; previous regulations about
turning phones off during school hours have been ignored.
Beginning this term, students will not be allowed to
use cell phones anywhere or at any time on school property,
whether for making or receiving calls. If a student is found
using a cell phone, or if a phone rings, the device will be
taken away by the teacher, and it will not be returned until
the end of the school year.
My advice to students is to leave your cell phones at home.

Arthur Chen

34. What is the purpose of this notice?
A. To announce new cell phone rules
B. To report a number of lost cell phones
C. To remind students of an earlier regulation
D. To request courteous use of cell phones
35. According to the notice, when may students use cell
phones in school?
A. In emergency situations
B. After class
C. At no time
D. When making calls
36. What will happen if students don’t follow the
instructions in the notice?
A. Students will have to stay an extra hour after school.
B. Students will receive a written warning.
C. Students will have to pay a fine.
D. Students will have to give their phones to their teachers.
37. According to the notice, what did students not pay
attention to in the past?
A. The teachers’ requests
B. The original rules about using cell phones
C. The noise from phones
D. The principal’s advice

Questions 38-40
SUBJECT: Anniversary
DATE: Wed, 1 May 2002 09:30:47 +0800
FROM: mark106@netmail.net
TO: tom.smith@funmail.com


I tried to call you last night, but apparently you were out, so
I decided to try contacting you by e-mail instead.

Regarding Mom and Dad’s 50th anniversary celebration,
Marie and I have been thinking about having a surprise
dinner at our house. We both know they don’t like big
parties, but we could invite a few of their friends and have
a barbecue outside if the weather is nice.

Shine their anniversary is on a Tuesday this year, we think
it would be best to have the dinner on the preceding
weekend – either Saturday, June 8th , or Sunday the 9th.
Which of these days is more convenient for you?

Finally, have you thought about what to buy them as a gift?
Marie has suggested that maybe we should give them
money. I’m sure they’d appreciate having a little extra to
spend on their trip to Europe in September. What’s your

Let me know what you think. Talk to you soon!


38. What is the main reason Mark wrote this e-mail?
A. To remind Tom of an anniversary party
B. To discuss plans for his parent’s anniversary
C. To ask the date of his parent’s anniversary
D. To invite Tom to an anniversary barbecue
39. What is the relationship between Mark and Tom?
A. They are neighbors.
B. They are friends.
C. They are brothers.
D. They are father and son.
40. What is Mark thinking of doing in June this year?
A. Eating a big dinner at a restaurant
B. Giving his parents a trip to Europe
C. Having a small party
D. Buying his parents an expensive gift

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